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As a Holistic Doula I go beyond just the physical and emotional aspects of support; I take into consideration the mother's overall well-being, including her mental, spiritual, and cultural needs.

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My Story

I am Tayésha "Ty" Mely and I have a true passion for maternal health and holistic healing. As the eldest of 4 children I have acted as my mother’s doula and was present for the birth of my two youngest siblings when I was just 15 and 21 years old. These sacred experiences were the start of my birth work journey; Providing support during labor and postpartum is second nature for me. In addition to working in the medical field for over 5 years I have extensive experience working with infants and adolescents; both my personal and professional experiences will assure you that you are in the right hands. After learning about the dangers of birthing in a hospital from coerced labor inductions, high cesarean rates and medical malpractice it had inspired me to fully commit myself to becoming a doula so I can help women safely deliver their babies the way they desire in the comfort of their own home. 

​I completed my Doula training through Ancient Song Doula Services in Brooklyn, New York and received my certification in Herbalism through The Herbal Academy. I have worked with over 25 families and have experience with home births, VBAC, natural births in a hospital setting, C-sections, and inductions. I am dedicated to supporting and educating families’ on their choices, resources and long term plans. In my practices I approach birth and postpartum holistically while offering both physical and emotional support to the mother and her family.  

If you are located in Upstate New York in the Ulster County, Hudson Valley or Dutchess County areas please feel free to contact me for more information in regards to receiving doula care during this beautiful new chapter in your life.

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