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Standard Childbirth Support Package

  • 1,800 US dollars

Service Description

- Virtual consultation - 2 prenatal visits to discuss birth plan, birth rights, self advocacy, comfort measures, fears, priorities and postpartum plan (Virtual or In-Person sessions) - Available 24/7 via phone, text, and email once you reach full term (37 weeks - 42 weeks gestation) - Provide guidance, physical and emotional support during labor - In person attendance for labor and delivery, I will remain with you after the baby is delivered to assure you are comfortable and assist with any help you may need - 24 hour postpartum follow up to make sure you and your baby are doing well - Accompany you to prenatal/postpartum doctor appointments if you wish (this may vary due to COVID protocols) - Assist with feeding/latching - 2 postpartum visits at home to help with light housekeeping, care for the newborn while you rest, assist with comfort measures as you adjust during this transition (this may vary from client to client as every client's needs are different) - Self care kit including herbal teas, body oils, salves and more made with love to assist with labor and postpartum healing

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